Lithuanian photographer

Born in 1979, Marijampole Lithuania



I am Virginija Vaiciulyte, born in Lithuania, Marijampole. I learned to see the world through the lens of a camera. My training was self-taught, a solitary journey between shadows and lights, between colors and contrasts.

I left my homeland twenty years ago, but the call of the motherland and its wild Baltic nature has never faded.

In Italy I found a new home, but the melancholy melodies of the Lithuanian woods still resonate in my heart. Every year, like a migrant seeking refuge, I return home. I walk through the forests, feeling the Baltic breeze on my skin. It is in those moments that I take my photos, trying to capture the soul of this ancient and mysterious land.

My images tell of nostalgia, the poignant beauty of a place that never stops calling me. They are fragments of life, moments suspended in time. Through my lens, I try to convey the love of nature, the passion for photography and the deep connection with my homeland.





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