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Estonian ceramic artist and designer

Born in 1990, Tallinn Estonia


Maria Kim combines material investigation of traditional and newest techniques of making ceramics, as well as interpretation to reflect the innate ability of a human hand to recreate natural shapes.
Her work is characterized by flowing, organic forms and muted colours that are inspired by the nature of Estonia and its northern tranquility.




This series of vases are imitating the ripples on water in an attempt to connect natural and unnatural, to mimic organic shapes using newest technologies in ceramics.

They were designed using parametrical design program and then 3d printed in clay.


material: unglazed black stoneware


Euro 400,00 (for set of two vases) 



Just like the sea polishes each stone, this porcelain set was formed and polished by hand to achieve smooth contours and elegance of the nordic sea side.


material: porcelain, transparent glaze


Euro 100,00 (for set of two plates)



WhatsApp: +372 5079611


Instagram: @kimmasha