Lithuanian glass artist and designer

Born in 1988, Kaunas Lithuania


Swamps are one of the most important parts of the Lithuanian landscape. At the same time, it is perhaps the most ignored, endangered element of our country, despite its special ecological and aesthetic significance. Watersheds have long been an integral part of people's lives - lakes, rivers, swamps and especially marshes and ravines, as mysterious places mentioned in Lithuanian mythology and folklore. The harmony of the island and the aquarium creates the tension of heights and gaps by which holiness lives.
This idea consists of three sculptures of blown glass of different sizes and shapes. Objects of different shades are given meaning by polished planes, which enable to see the inside.


“SWAMP 01”, Blown Glass, 2022

Euro 650,00


“SWAMP 02”, Blown Glass, 2022

Euro 850,00


“SWAMP 03”, Blown Glass, 2022

Euro 1.000,00


Contact the artist:

WhatsApp: +370 68479494


Facebook /laura.raine.jewellery

Instagram @laura_raine_jewellery