Estonian glass artist/designer.

Born in 1988, Estonia


Sigrid Luitsalu is a glass artist and designer from Estonia, she completed her BA studies in the Glass Art Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2016. Previously she has studied Philosophy and Asian Studies, expressing her interest in both fields through her art. As an artist she is interested in the patterns of nature and the self, drawing inspiration from the continual transformation and growth of nature's living forms and our inner world. Since 2020 she has her own glass studio, offering glass courses and creative coaching.



Sculpture "Flow" 2023

3D printed mold, pate de verre, sand


Euro 500,00 


Inspired by the flow of nature - the sand, the sea, the air - this work aims to capture the in-between state of glass as an amorphous solid, sand 'flowing' into glass. At a high level, glass is sand that has been melted down and chemically transformed - a dance between two materials.



Contact the artist:

WhatsApp +3725179688


Instagram @sigridluitsaluglass