Latvian ceramic artist and designer

Founder of EVIJAceramics

Born in 1990, Riga, Latvia


Evija graduated from Riga School of Design and art, Department of Ceramics and The Art Academy of Latvia, Ceramics Department.


Art and the sentiments in working with ceramic material. Regarding the expression trough materials, Evija has chosen to work with stoneware. She can best realize her energy and inspiration in the technique of creating large objects.

It is important for her to create artworks that embody beauty in their simplicity, imperfection, rawness and roughness without particularly involving much processing or polishing. The result then seems authentic, unique and vivid.

And for Evija, it is important to create her works in a clean and aesthetically beautiful space.



“OUR OWN / The Cosmic Eggs of Earth”


This story is not simply about these floor vases, but rather a story about the creative process and feelings experienced in it. “A process through which you can feel and express your soul’s language. Physically - through touch, shaping,

observing, merging with inspiration and a complete state of ‘Here and Now’. It is like a fusion between the physical/

material and the invisible world. Where the different dimensions of the space meet. It was the characteristics of this state that gave rise to the name - the Cosmic Eggs of Earth. To create a tactile object that is filled with a magical, cosmic sensory experience. Filled with a deep sense of happiness, gratitude and humility."


OUR OWN - this work of art arose out of a uniquely personal, aesthetic attitude in the process. The movement was slow, patient and meditative. "There is sensing that the boundary between me and these works of art is disappearing. Where does it start and where it end for them to be simply floor vases….?! ”


Euro 1.400,00



Euro 2.200,00



Mass of stone. The gilded pearl that symbolizes beauty, the spark of an inspiration. One small nuance that

changes the whole view. The beauty that is found in imperfection, roughness and crookedness...


Euro 110,00



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E-mail: evijaceramics@gmail.com

Instagram: @evijaceramics



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