Latvian artist and designer

Founder of Boterra Studio


My name is Irita, and I am the creator and designer of Boterra brand. I have embarked on a remarkable journey in my professional art career, exploring various realms of art and design, from fashion to performance art. During one significant chapter of my life, I delved into sculptural ceramics in Italy. It was at this moment that inexplicable impulses led me to the realization that clay resonates with my inner world. This tactile art form felt incredibly organic and familiar, as if it were an integral part of me.


Over time, an explanation for this connection emerged. In translation my last name - Tilane means 'tile,' validating my intuitive sense of the link between this malleable material and the craftsmanship of my ancient ancestors. Perhaps it's just a story, but I am guided by the echoes of my ancestors within me. I create beautiful design pieces from clay, drawing upon and integrating the wealth of knowledge I have acquired.



GNEIS VENUS is a ceramic vase with a luxurious stone-textured design, inspired by the stones found deep within the lake. Its handles reflect the graceful beauty and elegance inspired by water lilies.


Euro 420,00



An elegant secret of deep waters, with a rugged form and delicate, gentle texture. It evokes the bud of a water lily, just before it is ready to unfurl.


Euro 87,00



The shape and texture of the vase resemble that of a lake stone. The lying stone shape brings harmony and a touch of wilderness to your interior.


Euro 87,00



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Instagram:, @irita_utha


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