Estonian ceramic and glass artist/designer.

Founder of KardikDisain

Born in 1981, Kuressaare Estonia


My name is Kristel Kärdi, creator and designer of KärdikDisain. I graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts. My art and design is born in my home studio along the coast of Western Estonia, therefore the presence of the sea can often be felt in my works

I draw inspiration from the power and beautiful fragility of nature. I have learned to be respectful and humble towards nature as it is always bigger and more powerful than us. Nature and ceramics are actually very similar. They both tell you what to do and where the limits are - you just have to listen, because nature has the last word.

I always admire CLAY, this living natural material, in which there are so many possibilities to create something completely new.


Vase “Comfort patterns” 

We all need our comfortable situations and patterns in life. Where do you find them?

Euro 250,00


Woodfired vase “Rockywood”  

A work born from the ashes of anagama woodfireing kiln. Fire, earth and water....what could be more important?

Euro 200,00


Small plates “Drifting” 4 pieces, 

Movement of sea ice in spring. Change creates instability, but it is necessary for development and progress to occur

Euro 20,00 piece



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