Latvian ceramic artist and designer


Ojuna Batbajara obtained her Master's degree in 2023 in the Ceramics department of the Art Academy of Latvia. The artist participates in symposiums around the world to enrich her experience. This active work has opened doors to various international exhibitions in Portugal, Korea, Lithuania and Chezch Republic as well as solo expositions in Latvia and Georgia. The artworks and their positioning make use of surrounding space, allowing the observer to freely explore and familiarize themselves with the pieces. To further refine her style, the artist often experiments with variations of ceramic glazes and techniques on how they are applied.



In social media pictures are often processed. Contrast is often boosted and colors are artificially heightened, creating a fake impression of how nature and humans look. This can be seen with northern lights, which are often enhanced and wildly differ in picture form from what is observed in the physical space. The cornerstone of the installation is a different natural phenomenon which is not seen that often in social media.

The optical natural phenomenon, a mirage, inspires the installation and influences the base tone and coloring of spheres, representing a desert dune in which mirages are often seen. The optical trick is often visible as water oases. The ceramic glaze turns into a thin layer of glass during the final firing and creates a gloss that imitates the sheen of water. The spheres, with their vivid reflections and scenic pattern blends, avoid bright contrast differences, inviting the observer to roam in their imagination.



slip cast glazed stoneware
50 spheres, ø 23 cm
approx. 0.5 - 0.8kg each


Euro 150,00 per piece (whole collection Euro 5.000,00)



WhatsApp: + 371 22353095

E-mail: ojunabatbajara@gmail.com

Instagram: @ojuna_batbajara


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