Latvian artist, designer and founder of brand GLASS BERRIES
Born in 1990, Riga Latvia

"I am an observer and a dreamer, a quiet philosopher of life. 
Most of my childhood spent in the countryside has left a significant imprint on my future perception of life. I'm interested in people and nature. I observe them as separate objects and also as an indivisible and unified whole. The presence of nature is an integral part of my being. Observing the elements of nature and its rhythms reveals its majesty, knowledge and influence on man. I try to convey these fragile and sensitive thoughts and observations in glass, through its shapes, textures and compositions, as delicate and pure as they arose in nature and also in my mind."





"Amber road" are unique glass objects that reflects the meeting of the historical and the modern. Inspired by Baltic nature and the so-called “the gold of the north” amber and its journey in the wide world. The glass vases were created by the young Latvian glass designer Ieva Birģele, who based her inspiration by the series of vases "Amber" created in 1981 by Ināra Lāce, the former artist of the Līvāni glass factory(Latvia), in that way remembering and popularizing glass history and traditions in Latvia and using it as a modern design motif.



AMBER ROAD vase small     

height 12cm, diameter 14cm


Euro 460,00



AMBER ROAD vase     

height 14cm, diameter 16cm


Euro 530,00


Collection GEMMAE, 2021

GEMMAE /from Latin. buds/. Blown and hot-shaped glass vases.

Unique design vases are never repeatable glass objects.


GEMMAE big vase

Blown and hot-shaped glass


Euro 420,00



GEMMAE medium vase

Blown and hot-shaped glass


Euro 380,00



GEMMAE small vase

Blown and hot-shaped glass


Euro 380,00




Blownglass I Sandblasting | Mirroring


Euro 500,00 (each)


Contact the artist:

WhatsApp: +371 26360878


Instagram @ievabirgele