Valentina Kovalishina, known professionally as Valentinaki, is a Latvian-born artist renowned for her unique style of abstract painting. Born in Riga in 1985, Valentinaki's artistic journey began with watercolor experimentation before she studied pastels under Valeria Shuvalova in Latvia. Her true calling as an artist emerged after moving to Italy in 2009, where she mastered the art of oil painting under the guidance of renowned Florentine figurative artist Giusy Boncinelli.

Valentinaki’s art is a reflection of her unique perspective on the natural world, with a particular fascination for the oyster shell, which symbolizes imperfect perfection in her works. Her abstract paintings are inspired by nature, the sea, and water, aiming to raise awareness about sustainable practices and inspire viewers to preserve our planet for future generations.


In 2022, driven by her deep appreciation for her Baltic heritage and the desire to promote its unique artistic and cultural heritage globally, Valentina founded The Baltic Vibe. This project was born from her recognition of the rich traditions, contemporary art, design, and craftsmanship of the Baltic countries—Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania—which are often underrepresented on the international stage.

Valentina's vision for The Baltic Vibe is to create a cultural bridge that connects the Baltic region with the rest of the world through exhibitions, performances, and various events. By showcasing the distinct aesthetic and cultural elements of the Baltic countries, The Baltic Vibe aims to foster cultural exchange and appreciation, bringing Baltic culture to a wider audience and encouraging a global dialogue that highlights the region’s artistic innovation and heritage.

Through The Baltic Vibe, Valentina Kovalishina continues her commitment to artistic excellence and cultural advocacy, striving to enrich the global cultural landscape with the vibrant and diverse heritage of the Baltic region.